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martedì 2 febbraio 2010

Mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha A's portable Unofficial OST

Hi all! i just ripped the nanoha's ost from the psp game, for who want it just take it! :D

From M0001_ab to M0002_ab Fight
M0022 chara select (if i'm not wrong)
M0023 pre-battle
M0024 Win
M0025 dont know >.< i think continue
M0026 Game over
M0027 to M0039 Visual novel and story part bgm
M0040 a jingle (when you begin story mode)
from m0041 to m0045 menu bgm
M0046 to M0048
M0046 Final battle theme?
M0047 SUPER FUCKING ETERNAL BLAZE GUITAR VERSION!! (Fate-chan and Nanoha's final battle theme (and maybe others :P) :D)
M0048 Final battle theme (it's used for Hayate-chan)

m0049 OPENING :D
m0050 Hnnng Ending >.<

Ripped By Kuromatsu :D